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806-744-3419 | 1308 Ave. Q, Suite A, Lubbock, TX

It is our goal at Lubbock Lighthouse to provide high quality methadone and subutex treatment services to help with problems of opiate and other substance abuse. Our staff is committed to caring and promoting dignity and self-respect in and for each and every patient.
As a licensed outpatient treatment program, we provide you with the opportunity to obtain treatment and embrace recovery with the least amount of disruption in your life. Your treatment is personalized from intake to discharge, to assure that you receive necessary medical and counseling attention. As a result, you can continue to receive support from the community and your family.
Our staff consists of professionals who are trained in the treatment of addiction. We believe in and encourage our patients to become involved in the 12- Step Programs of AA., NA, MA, Al-Anon & Nar-Anon while believing that all treatment approaches work for those who work them.  Clients who feel more comfortable working another path of recovery are encouraged to do so. Family participation is highly encouraged because addiction affects each member.
Recovery is a challenging adventure and the staff at Lubbock Lighthouse Methadone and Subutex Treatment Services is here to help you overcome the pitfalls on the way. The staff works as a team to provide the tools that you need to build a satisfying and healthy life.  While working within the framework of state and federal opiate treatment guidelines, we make a strong effort to individualize treatment approaches and meet the client where he or she is in their recovery, support their efforts in recovery, and when appropriate to assist them to get off methadone or  subutex and remain drug free.



Lubbock Lighthouse |Methadone and Subutex ServicesLubbock Lighthouse |Methadone and Subutex Services




10 Responses to Lubbock Lighthouse

  1. Hello,

    I just wanted to make contact with your organization to let everyone know that a new support group is now in Lubbock. We are a non-profit organization. This is a support group for people who have FMS (Fibromyalgia Syndrome, CFS, Lupus. )For all ages, male or female, or if you may think you have FMS. It is also for spouses, parents, siblings, caregivers of those with FMS/CFS/Lupus. This is for people in the Lubbock County TX and surrounding towns within a 75 mile radius of Lubbock.

    Our contact info is:
    email: mmurphy@lbkcofibrosurvivors.orgfacebook:

    Would it be okay if I brought some flyers and business cards by?

    Thank you for your time,


  2. αnjєlícα wíllíαmѕ says:

    dσ чσu αccєpt mєdícαíd?

  3. Concerned wife says:

    What if you do not have insurance do you have help available for payment?

    • admin says:

      No, we are private pay only (currently $11/day which covers individual counseling, the medication, visits with our psychiatrist, nursing services, etc. Call us and we can refer to state sponsored slots at another agency if they are available.

  4. Eddie martinez says:

    Do you accept medicare?

  5. Maria Reyna says:

    My husband is in need of urgent attention with his drug addiction. He is on meth and can’t get off of it alone. It is making him go through withdrawals that put things in his head and say things he don’t mean. We do not have any kind of medical insurance. Please can you help my husband?

    • admin says:

      We treat opiate dependencies and only treat methamphetamine dependencies if they are co-occuring with the opiate problem. If he is in West Texas I would recommend that he get an assessment through the Starcare OSAR (800-687-7581) that tracks state sponsored inpatient treatment beds across the state. Time away from methamphetamines is important and inpatient treatment assists with that.

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